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Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension

Create your own outdoor kids with a playground in your backyard with this combination of the swing set, playhouse from step2. The step2 playful playhouse climber and swing extension will come complete with a slide and swing set. This outdoor playhouse will give you preschool the opportunities to develop the motor skills, balance, creativity, and social skills.

This swing set will ladder to the second level of the playhouse that will enhance the children coordination and balance. The slide will make it easy for your kids to exit from the second level of the playhouse.

Step2 playhouse climber swing set:

This will have multipurpose playhouse and swing set combination will be great for the multi-child play. This is dual-level playhouse and has two sturdy swings for just a reason of this step2 playhouse. This swing set playhouse will be intended for the home use and it will not meet the commercial playground requirements. The step2 company not only design and produces the innovative toys but also provides the child care professional to learn and share the information about the creative play.

41R5SH68NKLThe secret playhouse will include the fun half door and two strap swings that will be comfortable for your child and blend with the natural landscape. This swing set is nice for your smaller yard and it is made with the great quality. Your children will love going in the playhouse and standing in the upper deck area.

Set up is not too bad and it will take two hours to complete. The play option will be perfect for the two-year-old. The slide is not too short and it will accommodate a toddler bucket to swing. It will save us from buying the separate playhouse. The plastic will be sturdy and then naturally playful color option. It used to blend quite nicely.

It will be easy to put together and it will take about half an hour for the climber part. The slide will be a nice size for all ages. It will be the perfect combo between the playhouse and swing set. The box will come in a huge so it will be taken out of the box to fit. It is little complicated to put together. Step2 swing sets will be perfect for an outdoor play toy for active fun play in your yard.


  • The secret playhouse will include a fun half door and through the portals.
  • There will be two adjustable swings to have soft nylon ropes and there will be high sides for added security
  • Swing extension will have 2 high sided adjustable swings
  • The neutral colors will blend well with the natural landscape and other playful products.

This portal will make the lower level of the playhouse a secret hangout. This slide will make it easy for kids to exit from the second level of the playhouse. This includes two sturdy swings. This is intended for family and domestic outdoor use for proper surfacing. This is some information about the step2 playhouse climber and swing set.

Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension

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